The fourth No Limit Street Art festival is arranged the 17-20th of September 2020. This year´s edition presents several exciting news. All artwork will be created in one area- the district of Norrby, and No Limit is created in collaboration with the street art organisation Artscape.

After previous years’ presenting artists from all corners of the world, No Limit will this year invite Swedish artists;

– Sweden’s street art scene is flourishing right now, with lots of exciting artists having established themselves at the very highest level in recent years. We have selected a group with many different styles and expressions – it will be fantastic to see their creativity decorate Norrby!

Daniel Wakeham, founder of Artscape

Artscape has extensive experience of the Swedish street art scene 

The Street Art organisation Artscape, the curators of this year’s festival, has since 2014 produced and curated more than 100 pieces of public art in 26 Swedish municipalities. This means that Artscape has a very good insight in the Swedish Street Art community, a knowledge they are bringing into No Limit to, for the very first time, producing a street art festival which solemnly focuses on Swedish artists.

From the city centre to Norrby 

The previous three editions of No Limit have, with great success, focused on the city centre. Now we want to take the next step in extending the city’s street art district. In our search for possible areas, Norrby felt like the obvious choice. It is a living and central district. To have all the art focused in one district enables for both residents and visitors to experience the art in a whole new way. Together with Artscape, No Limit will be able to show that Borås continues to challenge and evolve in the cityscape and in public arts.

Exciting festival the 17-20th of September 

No Limit is an outdoor art event inviting artists from around the world to participate in turning public space into an outdoor exhibition. The festival contains many different types of urban art, from murals to sculptures and installations. The first No Limit festival in 2014, had participating artists from 7 different countries including The Netherlands, Brazil, Italy, Germany, Poland, Spain and Sweden. The artists, some of which have been painting graffiti and street-art as far back as 1981, brought a wide range of talent and art forms to Sweden. The festivals in 2015 and 2017 repeated the success story but now with an even wider range of art.

The street art movement, which began with illegal graffitti, has now found a place in the public artscape. Borås decided that the event must remain authentic to the spirit of this movement and therefor did not ask the artists for sketches in advance. Instead, it made sure to accommodate them by providing large walls as canvases for them to paint whatever they choose, hence the name No Limit – there are no limitations for the artistic freedom.

No Limit: Artscape Edition is arranged the 17–20th of September 2020 and is co-hosted by Borås TME in collaboration with the cultural administration of Borås Municipality.

Tickets to guided tours are available here.

– Maria Lindh Ekman, Borås TME, +46 761-44 13 09