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Nira Dahan
is a watercolor painter with a career that spreads over 30 years. With her art reflecting her passion for peace between nations, love, and harmony among people, her art has been able to reach international recognition and be in demand for galleries and events worldwide.

Her paintings portray Middle Eastern culture, Native American traditions, as well as more abstract paintings representing love and harmony. She is also known for her paintings of biblical figures, incorporating quotes from passages and songs into her pieces. Her brush strokes are sporadic in nature, but the results remain with detail where the colors merge. Nira’s art captures a moment of emotion in a history of Middle Eastern and Native American cultures, with all the vibrant color and expressions alive in her very own perspective. 

The Israeli-based painter has been featured in galleries all over the world, starting from her first exhibition in Israel and her first American show over 15 years ago. Her greatest work is in her touching watercolor paintings and her hope for a world that can experience the beauty of peace and calm that can only be found in her paintings.

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The Peacekeeper_1Simple
He uses his surrounding environment to influence his style, seen in his technique of blending clean lines, surrealism, and geometric shapes that relies heavily on his use of discarded wood.

He’s also run the gambit on the exhibition circuit, spanning Buenos Aires to Berlin and New York City.

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IMG_1043Adam Algotsson a k a Appear37
Hello my name is Adam Algotsson, also known as Appear37 in the graffitiscene. Im in my 20´s and comes from the city Borås and also lives there. My letterstyle is a mix of the oldschool graffiti from the 90´s New York and newschool. Writing my name in a funky colorful font is what i like to do the most but i´m also doing other motives like characters. I´m lucky to be born in the ages of internet, it´s easy to find inspiration nowadays when you don´t have to chase the graffitimagazines anymore.I´ve been painting graffiti since 6,5 years ago and i fell inloved with cans which i learned to handle quickly by painting a lot. If i can choose what surface to paint on i would take concrete. The big dream is to have artpieces all over the world and of course on planet Mars.

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