It all started with one street art hunter, documenting the local scene in Heerlen on a website, but meeting likeminded people turned it into a huge community, which then became Street Art Cities.

Once Street Art Heerlen website went viral and people started to demanding for street art tours, the team quickly realized the importance of a mobile application which could give all the required information and routes with street art pieces. Full story at the Street Art Cities blogg.

No Limit pretty much went the same way, but why create an app of our own when you could be part of an international dedicated community showing the best of street art around the globe? As we early got a request to put our pieces in the database for the website the answear for a partnership about the app was as solid YES!

App and our content is subject for continuous development but all the spots are featured right away. Download it today and enjoy. Of course it´s available for both iPhone and Android.