The street art festival No Limit in Borås is entering a new stage. September 17-20, 2020, the festival will be held for the fourth time, but now together with the organization Artscape and under the name No Limit: Artscape Edition.

No Limit: Artscape Edition will be a collaboration project between Borås TME and Artscape. Both have organized large-scale street art festivals since 2014 and made an impression on the global urban art scene. The collaborative organization gathers unique knowledge and experience, both in the artistic selection and in the more practical implementation.

– We rest on the same ground as we did during the three previous festivals. We want to offer citizens and visitors an extraordinary art experience, which is available to everyone around the clock, year round in the public space. Borås TME and Artscape have similar experiences, but also different angles, strengths and competencies, which I think makes us complement each other in a very good way. Together, we have a unique experience and opportunity to develop No Limit: Artscape Edition and attract an even larger audience to visit and enjoy the experience of seeing the works grow, says Anders Kihl, Borås TME.

– Artscape sees this project as an inspiring opportunity to work in a new way and with new tools. Borås TME has done a fantastic job of drawing attention to the art form and we want to get that ball rolling on. We believe that we can steer No Limit in an exciting direction and explore new ways for citizens and visitors to experience street art. Artscape normally breaks new ground with our projects and working in an area where the art form is already well established opens up for greater opportunities to take out the turns. Very inspiring! Tor Hedendahl and Daniel Wakeham, Artscape

No Limit: Artscape Edition will be held in Borås, September 17-20, 2020. Together we use both and and associated social media channels for communication.

More information:
Anders Kihl, Borås TME, 0734-32 75 00
Tor Hedendahl, Artscape, 0736-19 73 67
Daniel Wakeham, Artscape, 0736-83 99 22