Complete Line-up – These are the artists for No Limit: Artscape Edition 2020 Borås

August 14, 2020By No Limit BoråsPressrelease

During the No Limit: Artscape Edition street art festival in Borås 17–20 Sept, the line-up will for the very first time solemnly focus on the Swedish artists. 

The Swedish street art scene has evolved greatly during the last years and we have many artists who are now established on the highest international level.

The 12 participating artists in this year’s No Limit: Artscape Edition represent several different styles and artistic expressions, which creates a very interesting mix. 

– Artscape’s aim is to present an exciting array of artistic expression in our projects, while at the same time have everything gel as a coherent entity. This year, No Limit takes place in only one area of the city and with only Swedish artists – but within the chosen group the differences and range is massive. Completely different techniques, colour palettes and influences. You will see creations of everything from photorealism, and calligraphy to magical fairy-tale worlds and graffiti-inspired work. Even sculptures and textile art will fit into this year’s project, says Daniel Wakeham, Artscape.

– We require the artists we invite to be on a certain level artistically. We also look to mix experience with new talent – showcasing artists at the height of their powers as well as giving an opportunity to tomorrow’s stars. We are very pleased with the balance in this year’s project and it is a very colourful line-up who will decorate Norrby next month, says Tor Hedendahl, Artscape.

Line-up for No Limit Artscape Edition 2020:

Huge started painting graffiti in the mid ‘80s and has created murals all over the world, from Stockholm and Paris to Los Angeles and Shenzhen. He’s mainly known for his own unique style known as “Helium Graff” – hyper-realistic balloon letters. 

Amara Por Dios
Amara Por Dios is an artist born and raised in Stockholm, who has spent several years living and working in London. Her style is recognizable with her vibrant colors, organic shapes, patterns and faces. In 2014, she was named by The Guardian as one of Britain’s top female street artists. 

Q – an artist from Lindesberg, whose unique characters often share similar features to those you see in comic books and animated films – colourful and expressive. Q is a versatile artist who can be found in a wide range of mediums such as murals, photography, film and sculpture. 

Delicious Brains
Delicious Brains, or Kim Demåne, is a multifaceted artist doing both exhibitions, murals, album and magazine covers and music videos. He has a playful and colourful style with a lot of details and has previously made art work for the worldwide conference TEDGlobal. 

Vickan is a tattoo and street artist. With her imaginative and characteristic style, she has quickly established herself as a name in the Swedish street art scene. Vickan is originally from Boden and is today based in Stockholm. 

Adam Algotsson, or Appear37, a graffiti artist from Borås who now gets to paint on a large scale on home turf. Adam found graffiti in his teens and got one of his first paid commission from the same police officer who had once arrested him for painting illegally. He has since created over 100 commissioned murals for both businesses and individuals. 

Elina Metso
With a background in game development and illustrations, Elina Metso has experience of many different materials and styles, which is reflected in her artwork. She prefers to paint colourful portraits, often of female or androgynous characters. 

Etile uses a style called Calligraffiti, which is a mix between calligraphy and graffiti. He is originally from Karlstad and today works as a tattoo artist in Gothenburg. 

Malin Bobeck Tadaa
Malin Bobeck Tadaa is a textile artist and designer who combines traditional textile materials with optical fiber, LEDs and new technology, creating spatial installations that encourage interaction. She is fascinated by the worlds that are hidden from us – worlds in the deep sea, outer space or inside our imagination – which is reflected in her artwork. 

Tim Timmey
Tim Timmey is a self-taught multi-talent who creates everything from huge wooden installations to murals and sculptures. His work often depicts colorful animal motifs, three-dimensional patterns and crazy creatures with a great dose of humor. 

Korallpionen & Rickman
During No Limit: Artscape Edition, artists Korallpionen and Rickman will paint together. In a joint work of art, they combine Rickman’s raw and colorful photorealistic style with Korallpionen’s colorful flowers, plants and animals. 

Swedish artists in focus during No Limit: Artscape Edition

August 6, 2020By No Limit BoråsPressrelease

When No Limit: Artscape Edition takes place in September, the festival will for the first time ever have its main focus on the Swedish street art scene. During No Limit’s fourth edition, all participating artists will be Swedish.

The street art organization Artscape, creative directors of this year’s festival, has produced and curated over 100 public artworks in 26 Swedish municipalities since 2014. Utilizing this unique insight into the Swedish street art scene, Artscape will turn No Limit into their first ever festival to solely focus on Swedish artists.

– Previously, No Limit has had a strong focus on international artists and invited the art form’s brightest stars. Although Artscape also likes to showcase artists from all corners of the globe, we want to break with the Borås tradition and focus on domestic talents in this year’s project, says Tor Hedendahl, who together with Daniel Wakeham acts as curators for this year’s festival.

– Sweden’s street art scene is flourishing right now, with lots of exciting artists having established themselves at the very highest level in recent years. We have selected a group with many different styles and expressions – it will be fantastic to see their creativity decorate Norrby! says Wakeham.

The participating artists will be presented during week 33.

No Limit: Artscape Edition takes on one city district

July 17, 2020By No Limit BoråsPressrelease

The 2020 edition of the No Limit street art festival offers several exciting news. This year, No Limit: Artscape Edition will take on one whole city district, as the city district of Norrby will act as one large canvas for the festival. All art works during No Limit 2020 will be created in Norrby and thereby create a closer connection between Norrby and the city center of Borås.

In September 2020, the fourth edition of No Limit will take place. Earlier this year it was announced that this edition of No Limit for the first time ever will be arranged in collaboration with the street art organization Artscape. Now it’s time to release some more exciting news – that No Limit: Artscape Edition will take on one city district. This year, the city district of Norrby will act as one large canvas for the festival.

– Previous editions have, with great success, focused on the city center. Now we want to take the next step in extending the city’s street art district. In our search for possible areas, Norrby felt like the obvious choice. It’s a living and central district, but one which we experience as a bit overseen and with an undeserved bad reputation. Our impression is that it’s a nice area with great togetherness and a lot of interesting surfaces suitable for creating great art, says Daniel Wakeham at Artscape.

Norrby is a centrally situated city district of Borås. With a high school located here and the large road Norrbyleden running close by, a lot of people are staying within as well as passing through this area. This enables for the artwork to become visible to a lot of people.

– This arrangement enables for both residents and visitors to experience the art in a whole new way. Together with Artscape, we will once again be able to show that Borås continues to evolve and challenge the traditional cityscape and in which way street art can be incorporated into it, says Maria Lindh Ekman, project manager for No Limit.

Richard Mattsson, city architect in the City of Borås, is hoping this year’s arrangement will contribute in the process of creating a closer tie between Norrby and the city center.

– I think this is very exciting news. Norrby offers a wide range of buildings, styles and cultures, creating a vibrant multifaceted environment which I believe will act as a wonderful canvas for the No Limit festival, Mattsson says.

For those who live and work in the area the festival will be especially exciting, with a lot to see, follow and participate in. Per Gusténius, Unit Manager for Meeting Places and Open Youth Activities in Norrby, believes this will be a good opportunity to display Norrby and create a sense of pride within the city district.

– We look at this very positively and see it as an opportunity to show the good things that are happening in Norrby. We would very much want to show the sides of Norrby not so frequently displayed in the news media and expect this will be a way for more people to discover what Norrby has to offer. Hopefully it can contribute to reduced preconceived notions about the area, as well as create inclusion, says Gusténius.

No Limit: Artscape Edition takes place from 17th to 20th of September 2020. Tickets for guided tours are available now. Walls and artists will be announced in August.

This is Artscape

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In 2020, the No Limit festival is for the first time ever organized in collaboration with Artscape under the name No Limit: Artscape Edition. Discover more about Artscape in the video below!

No Limit: Artscape Edition 2020

February 7, 2020By No Limit BoråsPressrelease

The street art festival No Limit in Borås is entering a new stage. September 17-20, 2020, the festival will be held for the fourth time, but now together with the organization Artscape and under the name No Limit: Artscape Edition.

No Limit: Artscape Edition will be a collaboration project between Borås TME and Artscape. Both have organized large-scale street art festivals since 2014 and made an impression on the global urban art scene. The collaborative organization gathers unique knowledge and experience, both in the artistic selection and in the more practical implementation.

– We rest on the same ground as we did during the three previous festivals. We want to offer citizens and visitors an extraordinary art experience, which is available to everyone around the clock, year round in the public space. Borås TME and Artscape have similar experiences, but also different angles, strengths and competencies, which I think makes us complement each other in a very good way. Together, we have a unique experience and opportunity to develop No Limit: Artscape Edition and attract an even larger audience to visit and enjoy the experience of seeing the works grow, says Anders Kihl, Borås TME.

– Artscape sees this project as an inspiring opportunity to work in a new way and with new tools. Borås TME has done a fantastic job of drawing attention to the art form and we want to get that ball rolling on. We believe that we can steer No Limit in an exciting direction and explore new ways for citizens and visitors to experience street art. Artscape normally breaks new ground with our projects and working in an area where the art form is already well established opens up for greater opportunities to take out the turns. Very inspiring! Tor Hedendahl and Daniel Wakeham, Artscape

No Limit: Artscape Edition will be held in Borås, September 17-20, 2020. Together we use both and and associated social media channels for communication.

More information:
Anders Kihl, Borås TME, 0734-32 75 00
Tor Hedendahl, Artscape, 0736-19 73 67
Daniel Wakeham, Artscape, 0736-83 99 22

More No Limit on Google Arts & Culture

February 9, 2018By No Limit BoråsPressrelease

After the first festival in 2014, we were contacted by representatives from the Google Cultural Institute*, with a request to include No Limit in a specific release about Street Art. On 17 March, 2015, the festival artworks were released as an online exhibition for Google. Now it’s time again.

On 9 February, exhibitions for both the 2017 and 2015 festivals will be released. Now you can find virtually all of the artwork created during the three festivals in online exhibitions for the whole world to see.

– The first release had a huge impact, says Anders Kihl, Digital Marketing Manager, Borås TME. We had closer to 5,000 unique visitors to the No Limit website the first day the exhibition was released on Google. Since then, it’s unfortunately been quiet from Google and it’s not like you can invite yourself to one of the world’s largest companies. Some time ago, however, they contacted us again asking if we were interested in expanding with new content. We were of course very interested, and now it’s all in place.

– No Limit has had an extremely great circulation and to put one channel against another would be almost presumptuous. But, it is clear that when media such as Google and the Huffington Post on numerous occasions feature No Limit, it’s very significant. We of course want people to experience the art, here on site in Borås, but it’s also natural for public art to be accessible for everyone. I believe the festival’s participation on Google can both inspire and attract visitors to Borås to fully experience the artwork, explains Stina Hallhagen, Project Manager, Borås TME.

In total, there are now three exhibitions on Google, from all of the festivals. 84 exhibition pieces in the form of photography and film material are completed with descriptive texts and exact positions for the respective artworks.

* Google Cultural Institute started in Google’s initiative in 2011. The platform, Google Arts & Culture (formerly Google Art Project), aims to make important cultural materials available to as many people as possible, and to digitally preserve it for educational purposes and to inspire future generations. They gather high-resolution images from museums, exhibitions and other art projects, as well as 3D visualizations of world heritage sites, etc., in large part in collaboration with world-renowned cultural institutions and museums.

No Limit is a street art festival that invites artists from all over the world to participate in the transformation of the public space and to create a giant outdoor gallery. The festival includes all types of street art, from murals to sculptures and installations. No Limit saw the light of day for the first time in September 2014, and festivals were also arranged in 2015 and 2017. The festival is organized by Borås TME in association with the Cultural Administration, Borås City. No Limit received the 2015 Borås City Urban Building Award in the category “Land, Landscape and Urban Environment”. In 2017, the festival was environmentally certified and also received the distinction “Remarkable Festival” from the European festival association EFFE, as well as the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence (COE) for consistently excellent reviews from visitors.

More information about No Limit:
– Stina Hallhagen, Project Manager, +46 734-32 75 05
Anders Kihl, Digital Marketing Manager, +46 734-32 75 00

Guided tours this autumn

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The guided tours to the pieces from No Limit Street Art Borås 2017 continues. We offer two tours every weekend until the end of October.

Saturdays at 3 pm and Sundays at 11 am. Both departs from Textile Fashion Center. Read more and purchase your tickets at

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AnonyMouse opens “Dunken” in Borås

September 8, 2017By No Limit BoråsPressrelease

This morning AnonyMouse opened a raps och oliv station in central Borås. From No Limit Street Art we´re more than happy that the mice have embraced our environmental diploma and invested in renewable energy sources.

With the clear motto “Expect cheese” AnonyMouse´s miniature installations rendered a huge interest over the world.

No Limit is an outdoor art event inviting artists from around the world to participate in turning the public space into an outdoor gallery. The event is about all kinds of street art, from large scale murals to street art sculptures and installations. No Limit first saw the world in September 2014, 2015 we did it again and now the festival have become a biennial event. A warm welcome to Borås, Sweden 3-10th of September 2017.



More information about No Limit:
– Stina Hallhagen, project manager, 0734-32 75 05
– Shai Dahan, curator, 072-174 85 85