Vertical dance at Gustav Adolf’s church during No Limit

July 24, 2017By No Limit BoråsPressrelease

Saturday, September 9, No Limit’s visitors are invited to a spectacular dance performance. Claudine Ulrich performs a climbing dance solo on the facade of Gustav Adolf’s church.

Photo: Peter Hartman

Claudine is part of the Malmö-based artist collective Sardine Sauvage and started with vertical dance, or climbing dance project 2006. The collection specializes in artistic content in the public space. She also works as a choreographer for dance and music projects and works in the collaborative platform Floating Gallery.

– This will be magical. Of course, a church will be particularly spectacular and, in addition, it is a very beautiful environment. This will be a kind of extension to the thought of No Limit as a giant outdoor gallery. Facades are now not only a canvas for creative paintings but also a stage for dance performances, says Stina Hallhagen, Project Manager for No Limit Street Art Borås.

Dance is an important part of street culture, and during No Limit, additional experiences of dance expressions are offered. Regional Theater West organizes dance workshop as well as experimental battle dance during Friday and Saturday 8-9 September.

The vertical dance performance spans about 20 minutes and is seen on the facade of Gustav Adolfs church at 11.00 and at 14.00 on Saturday 9th September.

No Limit is a street art festival that invites artists from all over the world to participate in the transformation of public space and create a giant outdoor gallery. The festival contains all kinds of street art, from mural paintings to sculptures and installations. No Limit saw the light of the day the first time in September 2014, 2015 we did it again and now the festival has become a biennial event. Warm welcome to Borås 3-10 September 2017.

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No Limit – first street art festival in the world to receive an environmental diploma?

July 14, 2017By No Limit BoråsPressrelease

On June 27, Miljöstrategen announced, after external review, that No Limit Street Art 2017 fulfills the requirements for environmental graduated events according to the criteria for Swedish Environmental Base. It means, most likely, that No Limit is the world’s first street art festival that receives an environmental diploma.

“Of course, we can not say 100% that it’s totally unique, but neither we, Miljöstrategen or the municipality environmental investigators have found any other examples. The diploma is in line with both the festival, the municipality and Borås TME’s thoughts of minimizing environmental impact in connection with major events in the city, says Stina Hallhagen, project manager No Limit Street Art Borås.

In the audit prior to the diploma, at least 75% of specified practical measures are required. No Limit managed 95% of the points of action and has therefore passed the diploma.

– As with other environmental graduated events, an audit will also take place during the festival itself. Then, No Limit is reviewed through an additional review to see that we keep what we promised and ensure environmental work all the way, “continues Stina Hallhagen.

Environmental diploma of event
Swedish Environmental Base has a method of environmental graduation of events based on a number of compulsory elements and that the event meets at least 75% of a practical list of actions.

More information:
Stina Hallhagen, Project Manager No Limit Street Art, 0734-32 75 05

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Volunteer for No Limit Street Art Borås

July 11, 2017By No Limit BoråsUncategorized

Do you want to come really close to the center of events during this year’s edition of No Limit Street Art Borås? Then sign up for Team Borås as a volunteer.

We need committed and interested people who want to make a nonprofit effort and, in turn, will be an important part of one of this year’s major events in Borås. It can be anything from transporting people to hosting spot for an artwork informing about the festival or cycling with a coffee basket to the artists and much more.

Sign up today at