No Limit Street Art Borås is set to September 3-6th. Though the first artist already arrived and from August 30th artists arrive almost daily. From September 1st you can see work in progress on most spots and walls in Borås.

First arriving artist was Canadian Laurence Vallières and she made a fast start in the Orangery in central Borås, Sunday 23rd.

– I´m truly happy to finally meet all our artists in person and to judge from the response to our wall releases there´s a huge audience looking forward to see the participating artists work in progress and the final pieces. With faboulus artists bringing a wide spread of different styles of street art together with truly epic walls and spots I guess it could be nothing but a success this year, says curator Shai Dahan.

– Right now we´re preparing the walls around the city, finishing the last details about colours, lifts and all other stuff that runs the festival behind the scenes. It´s a lot of things that really isn´t visible in the end but is of high importance to make the artists stay in Borås a pleasent experience and in the end the best thinkable festival for the audience. It begins now and in a week most artists is in the middle of the creating process – so looking forward to that and to meet them all, says project manager, Stina Hallhagen.

Preliminary start dates for our artists
(could be subject to change – check our facebookpage for further notice)

  • 23rd of August, Laurence Vallières (already started)
  • 30th of August, DALeast, Logan Hicks
  • 31st of August, David Zinn
  • 1st of September, Inti, Curiot, Dulk
  • 2nd of September, Pichi&Avo, Robert Proch, Joe Iurato
  • 3rd of September, Tristan Eaton

No Limit 2015 will offer everything from large scale murals, small wooden figurines and stencil art to chalk paint. The festival of 2014 got a lot of media coverage both in national and international online and printed media. No Limit Street Art Borås is now also part of Google Cultural Institute.

No Limit is an outdoor art event inviting artists from around the world to participate in turning public spaces into an outdoor exhibition. The event is about all kinds of street art, from large scale murals to street art sculptures and installations. No Limit first saw the world in September 2014. 2015 we´re doing it again. A warm welcome to Borås, Sweden 3-6th of September 2015.

No Limit Street art is arranged as a cooperation between BoråsBorås TME AB and the culture department, the municipality of Borås. The festival is partly funded by Västra Götalandsregionen.

More information about No Limit:

– Stina Hallhagen, project manager, +46 734-15 36 59
– Shai Dahan, curator, +46 72-174 85 85

– Press images for editorial use (CC-BY Anders Kihl, No Limit Borås) will be published constantly from now on. If not on spot and have special requests for press material, please contact Anders Kihl, +46 734-15 32 04