Dulk (Antonio Segura Donat) is a hungry and insatiable all terrain illustrator. Urban art, illustration and graphic design are his fields, his twisted imagination does the rest. He has shown his work all over the world in walls as same as exhibitions. His style is an explosive combination of influences like the surrealism or the obsessive detail brushwork of Flemish painting, all mixed with a bizarre, burlesque and affectionate touch that makes it compact, direct and very honest.

– Dulk is a really strong name in our line up for 2015, one of his pieces from 2014 ended up on the international art magazine Juxtapoz list of the 20 best street art paintings in the world for that year. Dulk really masters almost any kind of art, from traditional drawing to street art murals and sculpturing. I´m sure his piece in Borås will be loved and enjoyed by many, says curator Shai Dahan.

– I think every visitor to No Limit will love Dulks work, perhaps especially the younger ones as the motifs of Dulk often contains figures from the world of fairytales. The murals I´ve seen from Dulk is totally awesome, detailed and beautiful. It will be a true pleasure to see what he creates in Borås, says project manager Stina Hallhagen.

Antonio enjoys creating compositions with lot of characters and stories based on his own dreams and everyday events, mixing fact and fiction. Nowadays Antonio is living in Valencia, his hometown, where he works day by day as freelance illustrator. His artwork is focused in children illustration, art development for animation, advertisment or street art. He works his own style in each media. “The most important is the style, feel yourself and enjoy with it”.

No Limit is an outdoor art event inviting artists from around the world to participate in turning public spaces into an outdoor exhibition. The event is about all kinds of street art, from large scale murals to street art sculptures and installations. No Limit first saw the world in September 2014. 2015 we´re doing it again. A warm welcome to Borås, Sweden 3-6th of September 2015.

Artists line up will be revealed continuously from now on – stay tuned for further artists and more information.

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– Stina Hallhagen, project manager, 0734-15 36 59
– Shai Dahan, curator, 072-174 85 85