Artist HOTTEA began his work with typography on fences turning an ordinary everyday object into something designers and artists use everyday – the grid. The foundation behind the work of HOTTEA is to use the existing infrastructure and create an artwork or idea that is in harmony within the given space.

In addition to adapting to the physical qualities of a space or surface- the artist plays close attention to the movement and life in and around the space. For example – do people stop and socialize within a given area or is it common to continue moving? What other physical objects are around the area? Is there a river perhaps or maybe a busy street? All of these factors come into play when HOTTEA designs and activates a space or surface.

– HOTTEA brings both new dimensions and new materials to the festival. The pieces are really a sparkling inferno of colors and I love how he moves between static symmetric installations and the ones that hang down, allowed to be formed by the wind. There´s a lot of joy but at the same time a deep form of tranquility in his pieces that will be enjoyed by many, says Shai Dahan, curator of No Limit Street Art.

– I´m happy that we´re able to include more techniques and diversity to No Limit. The installations of HOTTEA is amazing and what could be more suitable in the textile city of Borås, says Stina Hallhagen, project manager.

No Limit is an outdoor art event inviting artists from around the world to participate in turning the public space into an outdoor gallery. The event is about all kinds of street art, from large scale murals to street art sculptures and installations. No Limit first saw the world in September 2014, 2015 we did it again and now the festival have become a biennial event. A warm welcome to Borås, Sweden 3-10th of September 2017.

Artists line up will be revealed continuously from now on – stay tuned for further artists and more information.

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More information about No Limit:
Stina Hallhagen, project manager, 0734-32 75 05
Shai Dahan, curator