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In 2020, the No Limit festival is for the first time ever organized in collaboration with Artscape under the name No Limit: Artscape Edition. Discover more about Artscape in the video below!

Guided tours this autumn

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The guided tours to the pieces from No Limit Street Art Borås 2017 continues. We offer two tours every weekend until the end of October.

Saturdays at 3 pm and Sundays at 11 am. Both departs from Textile Fashion Center. Read more and purchase your tickets at

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Brand new clothing for the classic obelisk in Borås

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In the wee hours of the morning, the classic obelisk in Borås was graced with a new outfit, courtesy of guerilla knitter Maria Hallin.

“It was a totally wild idea. I want to give this forgotten monument new life, make people pay attention to it again. The whole point of its location was to stand out, something that is no longer the case, since there now are high-rise buildings around. And since I’m into color and art in so many ways, this seemed like an approach that was crazy enough for me.”

Prior to this, Maria’s biggest guerrilla knitting challenge was a birch tree at the Textile Fashion Center, but the obelisk was a trickier customer…

“Seeing as the monument isn’t exactly new, there aren’t any dimensions on record, so I’ve had to figure the size out on the fly. I’m hoping this yarn art will brighten up this ‘poor forgotten’ monument,” Ms. Hallin says with a smile.

The “Toothpick” as it’s popularly known, was made to commemorate a visit by King Carl XIV Johan to Borås in 1821, though it wasn’t in place until 38 years later. The original location was the main square, but in 1940/1941, it was replaced by the Nils Sjögren fountain and moved to the intersection of Yxhammarsgatan and Allégatan.

English translation: Ingrid Eng

Almost half a thousand sold tickets to the guided tours

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Though some of our artists have not even arrived yet, the interest for the guided tours are overwhelmingly. We´ve sold almost 500 tickets to the tours in advance and there´s more pre purchases every day.

We started out with tours featuring the pieces from earlier years the past Sunday. The further the artists gets we start mixing old and new pieces into the tours and from today you could follow us on tours along the new walls, seeing work in progress and perhaps meet some of the artists in person.

There´s several different lengths and specializations like after work, marathon, running tours, tours for children, different languages and more.

Pre purchase your tickets today to make sure you nail your desired date and time. All tickets available at and of course at Borås Tourist Office and Textile Fashion Center.

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Sight and sign interpreted tours during No Limit Borås

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Photo: CC-BY-NC Fifi Ström

The city of Borås has been awarded the Access City Award for its extensive work with accessibility. That is a really good thing and of course we want to support that work and make No Limit Street art as accessible as possible. Therefor we offer guided tours in three different languages (Swedish, Finnish and English) but also sight and sign interpreted tours. As far as possible the tour avoid stairways and other difficult obstacles that can be of problem if you´re disabled.

Sign interpretation available on guided tours 7th of September at 18.00 and 10th of September at 15.00.

Sight interpretation available on guided tours 9th of September at 11.30 and 10th of September at 11.30.

Get your tickets from or Borås Tourist Office or the desk of Textile Fashion Center (from September 4th for the latest).

No Limit Official merchandise on sale

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Check out our cool official merchandise for No Limit Street Art Borås. Neat, good quality products made of fair fabrics to a reasonable price. Available now at Borås Tourist Office and from September 4th at the Textile Fashion Center (where our guided tours departs).

All products are limited edition so get your´s fast to make sure you don´t get empty handed.
Tee: 200 SEK
Beanie: 120 SEK
Bag (fabric): 100 SEK
Poster: 29 SEK

The city of Borås is once again being transformed into a gigant outdoor gallery

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Sunday is the official starting day for No Limit Street Art Borås. It´s the third time for the festival that lasts until 10th of September. International well known artists from around the world creates installations and murals up to 30 meters high.

– Three artists has already started and two of them (Fintan Magee and Lonac) have done sketches and started painting in full. The third one (Christina Angelina) started out late yesterday and during the weekend we can follow her work, says Stina Hallhagen, projectmanager of No Limit Street Art.

On Sunday 3rd there will be a kick-off and official inauguration for Borås first open wall at Magasinsgatan 8.

– First artists is somewhat a stealth start but from Sunday the town will be full of happenings. The inauguration of Borås first open wall will be the real starting point and then you can enjoy more than 150 happenings during the week. There will be everything from artworks, gallery exhibitions, workshops, lectures, musical entertainment, vertical dance and a lot more. During Sunday 3rd three more artists arrives Borås and from September 6th all of our artists are on spot.

– During the festival 43 different guided tours are arranged. We offer different langugages and content, Swedish, Finnish, English, sight interpreted, tours for children, marathon tours and tours where we run together. In the beginning of the festival we walk among pieces from earlier festivals and further in the week we mix it up with more and more pieces from this year. All guided tours can be purchased online to make sure you get the day and time of your wishes.

Hela programmet för No Limit Street Art finns på

Guided tours:
Tickets to the guided tours can be purchased via or Borås Tourist Center and from the desk of Textile Fashion Center (from Monday 4th of September on the later). Tickets can be purchased in connection with the tours order to availability..

No Limit is an outdoor art event inviting artists from around the world to participate in turning the public space into an outdoor gallery. The event is about all kinds of street art, from large scale murals to street art sculptures and installations. No Limit first saw the world in September 2014, 2015 we did it again and now the festival have become a biennial event. A warm welcome to Borås, Sweden 3-10th of September 2017.

More information:
Stina Hallhagen, Project manager No Limit Street Art, +46734-32 75 05

Thinkspace Gallery curates “There are No Limits”

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During No Limit Borås Thinkspace Gallery will curate the pop up art exhibition "There are No Limits" in central Borås, at Stora Brogatan 12. At the gallery you will be able to see and by original art by artists from No Limit Street Art 2017, artists from earlier years festivals and a bunch of other super talented artists from around the globe

Opening hours
Opening Reception: Thursday September 7th 6pm-10pm
10am-6pm | Friday, September 8th
10am-6pm | Saturday, September 9th
10am-3pm | Sunday, September 10th

Featuring works from:
Bordalo II
Carl Cashman
Collin van der Sluijs
Drew Merritt
Fintan Magee
Gemma O’Brien
Icy and Sot
Isaac Cordal
James Reka
Jana & JS
Jeremy Fish
Juan Travieso
Kaili Smith
Linnea Strid
Mando Marie
Sergio Garcia
Shai Dahan
Super A
Telmo Miel
WK Interact

Founded in Los Angeles in 2005, and located in the Culver City art district since 2009, Thinkspace was established with a commitment to the promotion and dissemination of young and emerging art. The gallery is a catalytic conduit for the emerging New Contemporary art scene, and is dedicated to the exposure of its tenets and its artists. This movement, straddled between popular culture, graphic art, design and street art, is subject to steadily increasing global expansion, and is in need of institutional advocates.

Thinkspace is positioned to create opportunities and a visible platform for its recognition and proliferation. The movement is young, but significant, and Thinkspace’s aim is to establish both a curatorial forum and a collector base for its output. As an institution, Thinkspace is committed to vision, risk, and the exceptional talents that wield it. From the streets, to the gallery, from the “margins”, to the white cube, Thinkspace is re-envisioning what it means to be “institutional”. As a haven for talent, and a venue founded in passion, conviction, and community, the gallery’s mandate is rooted in projections for its future longevity. We intend to be a vehicle for the talents we vet for year’s to come, and are passionate advocates for their vision and their dreams.

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