In the wee hours of the morning, the classic obelisk in Borås was graced with a new outfit, courtesy of guerilla knitter Maria Hallin.

“It was a totally wild idea. I want to give this forgotten monument new life, make people pay attention to it again. The whole point of its location was to stand out, something that is no longer the case, since there now are high-rise buildings around. And since I’m into color and art in so many ways, this seemed like an approach that was crazy enough for me.”

Prior to this, Maria’s biggest guerrilla knitting challenge was a birch tree at the Textile Fashion Center, but the obelisk was a trickier customer…

“Seeing as the monument isn’t exactly new, there aren’t any dimensions on record, so I’ve had to figure the size out on the fly. I’m hoping this yarn art will brighten up this ‘poor forgotten’ monument,” Ms. Hallin says with a smile.

The “Toothpick” as it’s popularly known, was made to commemorate a visit by King Carl XIV Johan to Borås in 1821, though it wasn’t in place until 38 years later. The original location was the main square, but in 1940/1941, it was replaced by the Nils Sjögren fountain and moved to the intersection of Yxhammarsgatan and Allégatan.

English translation: Ingrid Eng