Artur Bordalo was born in 1987 in Lissabon and the interest of art was inspired by watching his grandfather, the painter Real Bordalo, working with his water colors. Gradually the art developed to a channeling of the artists worries and ecological conscience. Artur says acknowledgement is important but the main role for his art is a sort of activism to call attention to and raise awareness to the fact that humanity, with its disposable habits, is destroying the world.

Bordalo´s works are built with end-of-life materials such as damaged bumpers, burnt garbage cans, tires usually found in wastelands, abandoned factories or obtained from companies going through a recycling process.

– I´m really happy that were able to get Bordalo to Borås and No Limit. He creates really interesting pieces of art and his art sends a very important message about how we treat the world that we all share. Bordalo has attracted great attention to his artwork and I´m looking forward to see what he can create in Borås, says Shai Dahan, curator of No Limit Street Art.

– Bordalo adds a new dimension to street art for me. Working with materials and things that normally got no value, he turns it in to beautiful and very memorable art that can be of great importance for the future. I think the piece of Bardolo in Borås will be admired and enjoyed by both young and old, says Stina Hallhagen, project manager.

No Limit is an outdoor art event inviting artists from around the world to participate in turning the public space into an outdoor gallery. The event is about all kinds of street art, from large scale murals to street art sculptures and installations. No Limit first saw the world in September 2014, 2015 we did it again and now the festival have become a biennial event. A warm welcome to Borås, Sweden 3-10th of September 2017.

Artists line up will be revealed continously from now on – stay tuned for further artists and more information.

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More information about No Limit:
– Stina Hallhagen, project manager, 0734-32 75 05
– Shai Dahan, curator