Sweden will be opening its walls to the Street-Art event No Limit for the 4th time 17-20th of September 2020. With new walls and new art forms spreading across the city of Borås, No Limit will extend the outdoor gallery from the earlier festivals in 2014, 2015 and 2017.

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Anders Kihl, Borås TME, +46 734-32 75 00

No Limit Street art is arranged as a cooperation between Borås TME and the culture department, the municipality of Borås.

No Limit is an outdoor art event inviting artists from around the world to participate in turning public space into an outdoor exhibition. The idea is not new. Street-Art has been changing neighborhoods and cities around the globe for many years but Sweden, which has remained mostly vacant of large scale murals due to its strict “Zero tolerance” policy, is now getting a chance to be a part of this fast growing culture with its first large-scale mural event in the city of Borås.

The event in 2014, had participating artists from 7 different countries including The Netherlands, Brasil, Italy, Germany, Poland, Spain and Sweden. The artists, some of which have been painting graffiti and street-art as far back as 1981, are bringing a wide range of talent to Sweden. The walls, which the artists will be painting over the course of the week-long event, reaches as high as 7-storey buildings. In 2015 the success extended with even more art forms.

There is no question this will be a turning point for Sweden as a whole. For years now, the Street-Art culture has been making its way through Sweden with positive embrace growing from both the public and politicians. While the “Zero tolerance” law remains in most cities, the discussion of the murals and the positive change it provides has been a hot discussion for many. From television, to radio, to newspapers and blogs, everyone in Sweden is now talking about it.

Borås, with its history in opening its doors to art (from the International Sculpture Biennal of Borås to its extensive exhibitions at the Borås Museum of Modern Art) the city has now opened its walls to this mural culture. This art movement, which began with artists painting murals illegally, is now being embraced by the public and is letting artists turn local cities such as Borås into beautiful public spaces that are blanketed by artwork of artists worldwide.

Borås decided that the event must remain authentic to the spirit of this movement and therefor did not ask the artists for sketches in advance. Instead, it made sure to accommodate them by providing large walls as canvases for them to paint whatever the choose. This of course is a controversial issue as nobody knows what the artists will create.

The murals that will take place in Borås will hopefully serve as a starting point for other towns in Sweden to start accept Street Art and to be part of the culture instead of fighting it.

A warm welcome to Borås Sweden 17-20th of September 2020.

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  • Hi my name is Évy and I live in Borås and have been doing so for some years now. I’m a poet/rapper working with others with music (Roach Killah Krew) and I was wondering if No Limit is considering having performances of some kind on these three days of grafiti festivities? If so check this video out

    Walk Good And Walk Safe!

  • I am an older person that is very interested in seeing as much of this street art as I possible can. However, I am not able to walk long distances and would not be able to make one of the tours. What is the best way for me to see as much as possible, obviously from a car, where would be the best place to park and then walk to see some of the art? I would love to see as much as possible….

    • Hi Britt. Nice to know that you´re interested in No Limit. The easiest way is probably to give Borås Touristoffice a call at 033-35 70 90 and speak to them. Then you could probably get some good information about where to park to get minimum walking distance to see as many paintings as possible.

  • Good afternoon,
    I would like to know if the openning for new artists to participate on Sep is still open?

    • Hi Luisa! The line up for this years festival is completed since long. We´re always interested in good artists so why don´t you send your CV to our project manager to keep for further years of No Limit. stina.hallhagen (at)

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